Cleaning and protection

Cleaning and protection: Sealants, cleaners, joints and adhesives for pavers, slabs and walls

To achieve a global service to our costumers, we decided to add to our range of products;  sealants, cleaners, concrete adhesives and polymeric sands for joints.

Hence this products as the same quality standards of our pavings and walls.

We have the pleasure to announce this task is now complete and perfectly adapted to all our costumer’s needs.

Protective products


Invisible protection

5 L
Double action

A high protection reduces water, oil and dirt penetration. It penetrates deeply for maximum effectiveness and durability. Also increases abrasion resistance.


Protective Sealant

3,78 L
For pavers and slabs

Microporous transparent resin that protects pavers and slabs against oil and dirt.
Enhances original color and gives a wet look.


Protective Sealant

3,78 L
Natural silky appearance

Microporous transparent emulsion specially designed to protect pavers and slabs made of concrete or natural stone. Its characteristic is to protect while preserving the natural look of pavers. It reduce oil and dirt penetration and prevents against moss.

Joints and adhesives


Polymeric Sand for Joints

30 kg

For pavers or slabs installed over a draining bedding (sand or stone dust).
Fabistone Polymeric Sand for Pavement Joints is a high-tech mix of graded sand and binder, specially formulated for the filling of nar-row or wide joints when installing pavers and slabs, or when replacing existing joints. Unlike regular sand, it perfectly stays in place and remains stable; this is why it effectively resists erosion caused by water, frost, wind.. In addition, it prevents insect infestation and inhibits weed growth. Its applied dry and hardens after wetting.


Col-Flex Adhesive cement

25 kg

Thick adhesive cement, class 2. Dense mix-based., ideal for fixing pavements and walls of all sorts of shapes, both on the inside and on the outside.

Cleaners for concrete pavers, slabs and walls


Efflorescence Cleaner

4 L
Specially formulated to dissolve efflorescence (whitish salt) and remove ground-in dirt( traffic marks, ect.) found on the following surfaces: pavers, slabs and retaining walls, mansory, architectural concrete ect.. natural stone, marbles, granite, slabe. Containing no hydrochloric (muriatic) acid. It works deep without discolouring or damaging surfaces. Ideal before Sealants application (AM and AAN).
Use our Fabistone Sprayer sold separately and makes the task easier and accelerate the application.



4 L

  • Sealed or bare surfaces
  • Pavers and slabs made of concrete or natural stone1, poured or stamped concrete, masonry, etc.
  • Driveways, pool decks, patios, terraces, commercial parking lots, pedestrian areas, etc.
  • Dislodges ground-in dirt
  • Brightens up color and prepares surface for the application of a protector



Rust Remover

4 L

  • Sealed or bare surfaces
  • Pavers and slabs made of concrete
  • Driveways, pool decks, patios, terraces, commercial parking lots, pedestrian areas, etc.
  • Effectively removes stains caused by metal, rusted water, fertilizer, etc.

 Cleaning Acid for Concrete and Masonry

4 L

  • Bare surfaces
  • Concrete or clay pavers and slabs
  • Removes cement slurry and polymeric sand haze

Paint, Tar and Rubber Remover

1 L
Effectively dissolves, sealant, paint, tar or bitumen, rubber and chewing gum.


Dirt and Grease Cleaner

2 L
Fabistone Grease Cleaner is the most effective product available for removing motor oil and grease(Barbecues) stains. The most complete cleaning without leaving any oil film after rinsing.



  • Fits on the 4tls Container of Efflorescence Cleaner
  • Connects to a garden hose
  • Facilitates application and provides a perfect water-CLEANER mix