• Hadrien Wall

    The Hadrien wall range made of reconstituted stone reproduce the aspect of old buildings in stone carved by hand

The predominantly four-faced Fabistone Hadrien Wall blocks are made by traditional cutting processes, very similar to those used with natural stone.

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Hadrien block

3 differents sets makes a 60 cm unit

30x15x7,5 cm
30x15x7,5 cm

37,5x15x7,5 cm
22,5x15x7,5 cm

45x15x7,5 cm
15x15x7,5 cm

Coroamento Hadrien
45×21,5×5 cm


Save time and money don’t double your construction work..

The Hadrien wall range in reconstituted natural takes the name of the Roman emperor, can reproduce the look of the buildings and old garden walls in limestone carved by hand.

Developed especially for the construction of garden walls, the proposed dimensions by the Hadrien will enhance a garden.

So many forms and shapes for one single product

The beauty of hand-carved stone, typical of other centuries, is represented in the range of reconstituted natural stone garden walls of the Hadrien range.

With a four-sided finish, the blocks of the Hadrien allows unlimited possibilities of applications with perfect finishes. This wall is made in several dimensions and textures.

The Hadrien wall ensures a solution to all kind of project. It´s a product of unquestionable beauty and promises a refined and noble result

muros de jardim Hadrien - Fabistone