Fabistone offers a wide range
of reconstructed stone garden accessories

Fabistone garden accessories have highly innovative solutions, with outstanding quality and long-lasting life. They were developed in order to obtain a perfect combination with the outside.
Either it is a shower base or a grating, Fabistone range always offers you the ideal piece, adding a touch of class to your swimming pool, garden or any kind of space.

 Fabistone grating

Elegant finishing for your pavement, the grating assures the effective draining of water, keeping a visual harmony.

pavimentos para jardim - grelha Granitus - Fabistone

Stair Insert

The stair rabbet fits perfectly on the swimming pool area, allowing the application of a stainless steel stair, saving time and extra cutting works.

pavimentos para jardim - encaixe escada - Fabistone

Shower Base

With a reconstructed stone shower base, a simple corner becomes a space with its own personality. Comfortable touch combined with the incomparable beauty of this surface creates the perfect harmony with your pavement and copings.

pavimentos para jardim - base de chuveiro - Fabistone

Japanese Stepping Stone

Fabistone Japanese Stepping Stone is ideal for protecting a lawn
from a well-trodden path.
They are also effective for access within a large herbaceous border.

Japanese Stepping Stone

Rustic Edging

A very functional, elegant, naturally weathered and timeworn appearance.
A value for money particularly suitable for block paving, tarmac and aggregates.

Rustic Edging

Hadrien Barbecue

Very easy to built and with a unique design.
Get pleasure from your own creation.

Hadrien Barbecue