The Refined Stone

Fabistone paving is manufactured putting together, reconstituted natural stones , natural limestone and high resistance hydraulic strengtheners.

Our Stones are made of patterns recreating authentic pavements. Several shapes and reliefs have been selected, handcrafted and copied at the finest detail to recreate products that are highly authentic in appearance.

Our products offer the physical and chemical qualities of Natural Stone. Hence, the exposure and natural aging  over the years gives an incomparable and beautiful patina.

Regular testings made by independent laboratories ensures that products made by Fabistone are in accordance to the most rigorous quality control standards ensuring undoubted lasting quality.


Beautifully textured and refined pavement, the use of the different formats available with Secular pavement enables the laying in Opus Roman. Therefore, it can give a high aesthetic look to the pavement schemes.

pavimentos exteriores Secular - Fabistone


Because of the non-slip and the superb finishing, Granitus with his original, unique and refined look, is an effective and ideal pavement for the surrounding areas of swimming pools and large terraces.

Pavimentos exteriores Granitus


Due to Merida’s exceptional aesthetic beauty, it is possible to create wonderful environments on the outside as well as on the inside. Due to its different shapes, you can make an Opus Roman application.

Pavimentos exteriores - interiores Merida


With an exceptional aesthetic quality, Bracara recalls the grand days of the Roman era. In addition, it remembers a city where the beauty and leisure were a constant.

pavimentos exteriores - interiores Bracara

Teca Sol

The Fabistone Teca pavement carries out the appearance of real wood decking. It is a durable, easy to lay and maintenance-free pavement.  Consequently, with all the benefits of a waterproof surface recommended. A great concrete alternative!

pavimentos exteriores - interiores Teca Sol


Just like a small piece of stone removed from the mountain, this fine product brings back to your outside areas the natural element, essential to an aesthetic harmony.

Pavimentos exteriores - interiores Montagna


At its name suggests, Manoir is a classic pavement modelled on a wide variety of profiles taken form original weathered York Flagstones.

Manoir Pavement


Fabistone Travertine, with is smooth surface and subtle shading, has an authentic limestone appearance suitable for creating both stylish classical and contemporary gardens.

Traverti Pavement


Inspired by the volcanic formations found in Lanzarote, Chelsea pavement has an innovative design.

River pavement


Easy to lay, Fabistone Cobble Paving builds quickly to create the appearance of traditional cobbles without the time and expense of laying individual stones.

Bastide pavement


With a unique texture the Velluto pavement offers an unbelievable feeling to the touch. With non-slip characteristics, ideal for terraces and pool beaches.

pavimentos interiores e exteriores Chelsea