Muralis Stone Cladding

The intention behind the creation of the Muralis allowed creating a stone cladding that was simultaneously a functional, decorative and sophisticated piece. This Fabistone product is versatile and customizable, either by the way it is placed on the wall or by the size or effect it provides.

The Muralis stone cladding is a product that is idealized and produced in Fabistone facilities and can offer architects, designers, and decorators, a unique set of benefits for their areas

This stone cladding development comes from rigorous criteria such as the optimization of its installation, the increase of the quality and durability of the materials and its ecological promotion.

Unlimited application possibilities

Versatile and customizable, Muralis adapts to any space. From the application in buildings facades to the use in interior spaces. The ideal concept to apply to institutional buildings, such as schools, hospitals, courts or in business buildings.

Either for a small note or even the composition of a decorative panel in a hall, a room or a hallway.

Between art and design

Its high modeling capacity allows a perfect adaptation to the needs of each project. From commercial spaces to private homes.

The grandeur of a building is quantified not only by its size but also by the details that give it exclusivity. Based on this principle, the Muralis stone cladding comes as an element of celebration, capable of offering the grandiosity that institutional and corporate buildings deserve. Whether it is applied to a hospital, school, court, town hall or to business buildings


The relation between light and shadow, emotion and reason.


A simplistic and comfortable visually composition


A punctual extravagant combination


An intertwined that mesmerizes the look


The uniqueness of detail that magnifies a wall


A luxurious and exquisite style

Giovani Muralis Stone Cladding


A fluid and original coating

Matisse Muralis Stone Cladding


Unusual and minimalist forms

Miró Muralis Stone Cladding


Versatility and perfection go hand in hand

Luca Muralis Stone Cladding


The genius of proportions creates balance

Leonardo Muralis Stone Cladding


The attraction and intensity in a single coating

Pompei Muralis Stone Cladding


Noble and pleasant aspect

Thasos Muralis Stone Cladding


A concave curve dynamism in union with the straight lines

Cavalini Muralis Stone Cladding


Graceful lines with a twist of freedom and strength.