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Muralis Picasso stone cladding

How Muralis Picasso stone cladding transformed this kitchen into a work of art

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The wall coating is one of the most important features when you are trying to make a renovation of interior space. A wall coating gives the space a personality and aesthetic twist, but it also protects it.

And a kitchen space will perhaps be one of the house areas that need greater protection. However, this shouldn’t mean that you will sacrifice the design, but rather increase the space with our personality and taste. And because it is a space where we spend much of our time, how about innovating and giving it superb air?

How to Choose the Stone Cladding?

Usually, we tend to choose more traditional ceramics stone cladding falls. But there are many options on the market that can extend our choices for different materials, patterns, and colors.

The use of space dictates the choice of materials. You should take into consideration factors such as durability versus wear, perfect fit with the rest of the house spaces, etc. Thus, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, stone cladding must be able to meet the requirements of the environment, be safe and durable.

The harmony must be perfect between the wall and the floor. Color ranges should be large and easy to fit relative to all other parts of the space.

Recently, Fabistone has developed an exquisite product and of extreme decorative beauty. The whole process – from idealization to production, allowed Fabistone to create the Muralis stone cladding. Muralis is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a sublime architectural solution with a huge degree of require.

The high degree of customization of this product can satisfy the most selective requests. The Muralis is a product whose excellence is proportional to the richness of the technique that it uses, its functional character and its irreproachable aesthetic attributes.

The Picasso range, which we see applied in this kitchen, creates a perfect harmony both in interior and exterior spaces. It also sharpens the sensory system of those who appreciate embossed, sculptural attractive lines reminiscent of Picasso’s Cubism.

Get inspired by this installation – Picasso Stone Cladding

Get inspired by this example of Muralis Picasso application in a modern kitchen. We believe that the kitchen has become even more beautiful!

Muralis Picasso stone cladding

Muralis Picasso stone cladding