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Around the pool: what to choose?

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Materials and ideas for the pool surroundings

A swimming pool is a place of fun or place to rest. A pool can catch the attention of those who will use it or see it. And because it is an element that stands out in a garden or space, it is utmost important to know what to use around the pool. Perhaps for this reason, the need to create a space where all elements coexist harmoniously requires a particular attention from the owners.

In addition to its fun and leisure function, a swimming pool is an exterior decoration element. There is, therefore, the need to surround it with charm and integrate it into the family universe with a decoration that highlights all the ostentation and grandeur that underlie it.

One of the ways to have harmony is to create a surround and/or a beach around the pool. You can also pick some elements that will bring to your space more fun, such as a typical barbecue.

Around the pool

A – Surrounding: the edge of a pool

Having a surround means that you will have an edge around your pool. This element responds to three practical and essential requirements: water cleaning, user comfort, and decoration aesthetics.

The copings attachment are made at the top of the pool wall and extend over the outer edge, forming an enclosure and protecting the water plane. The copings have a slightly rounded profile and are inclined to the outside of the pool. Its format has been designed to prevent the entry of rain water or another type of dirt.

Pool edge

The copings ensure the transition to the surrounding area, also playing break wave role. Thanks to its non-slip surface, you can get in and out of the water without running the risk of getting hurt.

The more practical aspect of the copings is its union features between the pool water and its accesses. Its rounded surrounding is a comfortable holder, that can act as a foothold for bathers.

B – Beach: the surrounding area

Beauty and socializing are the keywords that define the importance of the surrounding area to the pool. Better known as a beach area, this should be very wide (from 1 to 2 meters). This area may receive sun loungers, tables, chairs, mattresses, umbrellas, among other things.

Around the pool beach

This surrounding area brings total comfort to those who want to enjoy the pool. In addition, this area minimizes the need to clean the water, because it decreases vegetation limits. When stepping on the homogeneous soil, the bathers enter the water without taking dirt from the outside.

 C – Barbecue: an outdoor kitchen

Some stone claddings allow the creation of Barbecues, which adapt harmoniously to the entire surrounding area. This element, both for garden or terraces, is an ideal choice for you to enjoy all the outside leisure moments.


The coating blocks that make up a barbecue, come in different sizes and textures. Those allowing endless possibilities of application and a perfect finish.

What materials can you use around your pool?

Around the pool

You have at your disposal different materials to exalt and value the elements around a pool. You may choose from natural stone or reconstituted natural stone.

Nowadays, elements follow the same tendency that is conjugated in the harmony of materials and colors. The edge, in addition to its protection function, combines the need to have an excellent finish and be integrated with the pool.

Until very recently, noble materials were used in the surrounding area. Some of the more noble material, are sometimes very expensive and not very accessible for most of us, pool owners. For this reason, the pool market has high-quality alternatives that are capable of replacing natural stone with a more cheaper price.

1 – Natural Stone

With a unique charm, between authenticity and originality, the natural stone allows you to have a great choice around the pool.

Amongst limestones, marbles, stoneware, slate, shale, quartz, etc., there are numerous varieties of natural stone that allow you to have a customized access to your pool. The limestones can be used on pool edges and floors because they are:

  • Resistant,

  • Insensitive to ice,

  • Anti-slip (not too rough)

  • Of hard or semi hard quality.

A limestone has a wide and diverse range of colors. The color of the limestone may be different depending on the region where it had been extracted. However, the tonality must match the environment in order to avoid intense contrasts and discreetly decorate your pool. Very dark colors store heat, while very light colors reflect ultraviolet rays.

2Artificial and prefabricated materials

Capable of combining originality and sophistication, companies invested in artificial materials for ornamenting swimming pools. By doing this they were able to offer unique decoration features and original landscape spaces.

The decorative effect is amazing and the possibilities infinite when you think about what to choose around the pool. Within the huge offer, there is an appeal to creativity that allows the creation of personalized and even exotic concepts.

The reconstituted natural stone is:

  • A prefabricated material,

  • soft,

  • Anti-slip,

  • Resistant to weather and ice

  • Easy to maintain.

Made from molds, it is a complete product that lends itself to all the contour lines, even the most original ones.

It also offers a wide range of shapes that fuse with the surrounding area and presents a smooth or slightly rough appearance, which gives it a more or less rustic characteristic. The reconstituted natural stone is available in many colors. It is able to faithfully reproduce traditional stones from different regions.

This is the simplest, safest and most elegant way to decorate the surrounding area of your pool. Cheaper than natural materials, the reconstituted stone is manufactured industrially and is ready to be used on the rim and beach of the swimming pools.

This is the simplest, safest and most elegant way to decorate the surrounding area of your pool. Cheaper than natural materials, the reconstituted natural stone is manufactured industrially and is ready to be used on a pool edge and on the beach area of swimming pool.

The reconstituted natural stone adopts the same principle of placement of the natural one. It needs to to be placed in a stable ground to avoid the mudslides and stone cracks. In every Spring it is advisable to clean the stone with a pressurized water pump. There are specific cleaning products that protect the material against stains and microorganisms from dirt.