• Pavimentos Fabistone da gama Montagna
  • The Montagna coping seems rough, yet it´s soft and nice when stepped on.

  • The Montagna pavements offer a natural look to the exterior or interior spaces. It resembles the natural mountain stone

Its irregular texture transports us towards a truly natural environment, where you imagine yourself walking over a volcanic rock camp erupted from the entrails of the earth.

Montagna Flagstones


Available Flagstones 45×45 cm
and 60×45 cm or module of 2 formats.

Thickness 2,2 cm

Module  with 2 Formats


1,89 m²:

2,10×0,90 m

  • 4 flagstones 45×45 cm
  • 4 flagstones 60×45 cm

Standard colors:





Old Grey

pavimentos em pedra natural reconstituída - Fabistone

Montagna outside

Just like a small piece of stone removed from the mountain, this fine product brings back to your outside areas the natural element, essential to an aesthetic harmony.

Ãnd its irregular texture transports us towards  a truly natural  environment,. As a result,  you can imagine yourself walking over a volcanic rock camp erupted from the entrails of the earth.

The Montagna pavement is smooth to the touch.  Most of all, it has non-slip characteristics. And because of that,  Montagna pavement is an excellent solution for your terrace, garden or your pool surroundings.

Montagna inside

Montagna Pavement and coping match perfectly with every style.
The ideal solution to create an outstanding feeling of well-being.

The natural look allows the creation of highly realistic environments

pavimentos em pedra natural reconstituída Montagna - Fabistone

Montagna coping

Its wrinkled surface evokes rough environments, which contrast with its smooth touch. The visual effect offers and impressive combination of lights and shadows.

With its slightly rocky appearance, Montagna coping is an essential element which ads value to your swimming-pool and surrounding areas.


Straight Coping


Curved Coping


Curved Angle  Right/Left


Angle Right/Left



Flat coping


Secular 50cm 33cm 4cm