• Pavimentos / calçadas Fabistone da gama Bastide

    The Bastide pavement range ensures a simple application and reproduces the traditional sidewalk

  • Pavimentos / calçadas Fabistone da gama Bastide

    The appearance of the typical sidewalks is offered in all its splendor
    by this Bastide range.

Bastide pavement

The range of non-slip Bastide pavement allows you to obtain a traditional sidewalk in parallel combining a rustic style that can create a perfect harmony with the vegetation of your garden and offer maximum safety to the users.

Bastide Cobble

Placa Bastide

Bastide Cobble
Dimensions: 45x60x5,5 cm

Standard colors:







Grey Lune

Calçada Bastide

The traditional cobbled effect now in reconstituted natural stone.

From rounded surfaces, the range of non-slip Bastide pavements reproduces the traditional cobbled in parallel that allows obtaining unquestionably beautiful effects when applied in gardens.

Because of its very own characteristics, the non-slip Bastide pavement was developed for any area to be tiled. Therefore is possible to accomplish with the non-slip Bastide pavements all type of sidewalks, access to garages, paths to garden or terraces everything

The application of the Bastide is easy. As a result, it will reflect the way this non-slip pavement range was made.  That is, you can make a set of small sidewalks with a gathered one piece, allowing a simple and quick application.

The perfect harmony in your garden

Essentially used outside, non-slip sidewalk pavement is increasingly being used inside buildings. Hence, the aesthetic effects resulting from this type of application creates an original environment.

Also, the non-slip Bastide pavements range offers you special features. While offering the advantage of being designed in a way to provide a quick and extremely easy settling.

All the advantages of reconstituted natural stone are gathered here in only one product.

The Bastide cobbled pavement is able to combine the weight of history with the latest technology used in the creation of non-slip pavement.

In conclusion, due to the technology used in the design of the Bastide, Fabistone ensures the total safety of all users of outside areas such as gardens or terraces.

pavimento antiderrapante Bastide - Fabistone