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8 Questions to ask before designing an exterior space

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If you plan to designing an exterior space, the arrival of the hottest days may be the lever you need. The desire to take advantage of the exterior of the house and, letting oneself be carried away by the longer, calmer days and the promises of family fun, are more than enough reasons to start drafting the long-awaited project. Remove it from the drawer and establish an exact action plan. The exterior space will win new features!

Before launching your project you should be careful about what you want, you must give special attention to some details. From there, you can try to establish an exact plan of action and carry out your project in the best way possible.

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Some materials

The predominance of natural stone emerged in the Renaissance period and is used in our gardens for almost three centuries. Even some palace gardens and historic houses still bear witness to its splendor. But this type of stone came is no longer used in some of the contemporary gardens and for various reasons: very expensive, heavy, difficult to shape, too complicated to carry.

Nevertheless, as a majority material, it remains the hallmark of a small number of garden projects. The sovereignty of natural stone also owes its progressive decline to the emergence of a multiplicity of competing coatings. The reconstituted natural stone imitates faithfully regional stones; the supply of wood products has expanded considerably, and even the cement has different aplication! Each one of us can from now on design alone a terrace, a path or a wall. For that, you will find a wide product ranges at a variable cost.

Secular pavementTeca Log Sleepers

Designing an exterior space: our advice

The simplification of placements is trending, particularly with regard to wood and reconstituted natural stone. But, given the diversity of the offerings, the choice can be difficult or even risky. We will present to you some questions that, when answered, will help you carry out your project in the best conditions possible.

Whatever the scope of the work you are planning to do when you want to structure an outdoor space, start by putting all your ideas on paper and proceed by elimination, not forgetting any of the questions. This will lead to the realization of the project. Next, draw a plane to scale consistent with the sketch, or have a professional do it for you. This will allow you to get an accurate view of your future achievement.

Soleo Odessy PoolTeca Sol pavement

Some of the preliminary questions before you begin to structure the exterior space

1. Harmony:

  • Will the material be used in one or more structures?
  • Do you agree with the regional aesthetics, with the style of the house?

2. The resistance:

  • Will the work be done in a rainy or very hot region?
  • Will there be strong temperature differences between day and night? In a place subject to strong frost?

3. The place of installation:

  • Will it be done in the shade or in the sun?

4. The realization:

  • Will I do the work myself? Will I have help?
  • Can I call a professional for the delicate steps (sealing layer, support, etc.)?

5. Planning:

  • How much time can I have for each day and for how many days?
  • Is the season or weather suitable for the intended accomplishment?

6. The organization:

  • Where am I going to store the materials?
  • What volume of soil will be needed?
  • Can I put it under the scorching sun as well as the heavy rains?
  • How am I going to transport it and at what cost?
  • In what deadlines are the materials available?
  • Do I have material warranties with the reseller?

7. The material:

  • Which material to choose: terracotta, tile, slabs in gravel, pebbles, natural stone, reconstituted stone or wood?
  • Is maintenance easy?
  • Is the placement within my reach?
  • Does this material require any particular tools?

8. My budget:

  • Do I have any margin to finish the event in case of unforeseen events?